The Highs & Lows

A much asked question is, why do adolescents participate in substance abuse? While in many parts of the world it is conventionally accepted, others question the integrity of such actions. We are going to explore the various psychological perspecti...

Courage To Speak Drug Abuse Stories: Ian's Story

Attached is the story of a young boy and his spiral down because of substance abuse. While this is an extreme case, they are more common than not. Take a look...

How Can This Behavior Be Explained?

As shown in the case study, teenage addiction of drugs as well as alcohol can be hard to explain. Psychologists, with acknowledgements to the difficulty, try to find explanations regarding such behavior by using psychological perspectives.

Science Explains: The Biological Perspective

What was Ian doing? Ian’s prefrontal cortex was far from properly developed, and so an exorbitant amount of his decisions were made through the amygdala. Furthermore, the instant gratification that Ian feels can be biologically justified through...

The Cognitive Perspective

It’s as simple as this, sometimes teenagers are simply bored. The teenage body is seeking pleasure. While some teenagers find ‘pleasure’ in shopping or sports, others use drugs & alcohol. More so than not, teenagers justify this behavior as relie...

Culture & All That Fun Stuff

The sociocultural perspective looks at substance abuse through the lens of behaviour & thoughts in society & culture. While one of the driving forces is peer pressure, cultural norms are incredibly integral. For instance, while for a great deal of...

Effects Of Alcohol And Drugs

The video is a brief explanation of effects of alcohol and drugs on teenager’s. It illustrates some of the major issues that the teenagers might face as a consequence which should be alerted.

What Do The Parents Think?

We asked parents how they thought they could prevent their teenager from substance abuse, here's what they thought!

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The Highs & Lows

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