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The Funniest Baby Videos

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Laugh all you want; laugh like no one is seeing you - that’s when you laugh from the heart, and, trust me, there’s no better medicine to all the stress this life has to offer, than laughing your heart out. However, sometimes it’s not just our own laughter; others’ laughter too can bring peace and happiness to us, especially those of little children. Watching little ones giggle for the lamest of things, fills our heart with immense joy. Not to mention that these little ones are quite funny themselves, making us burst out laughing at the oddest of times.

The famous American photographer and essayist, Criss Jami, once said, “There's nothing more contagious than the laughter of young children; it doesn't even have to matter what they're laughing about.” How true are his words! I haven’t seen a soul whose heart wouldn’t melt at the very laughter of a child.

So, in an attempt to melt your hearts and fill your boring day with laughter and happiness, we‘ve compiled some of the funniest baby videos that are sure to cheer you up instantly and make you happy. Here’s wishing you a happy viewing of our ClipBook which has a collection of some insanely funny baby videos!

'I Love You Mom!'

This baby does have an ear for music and because singing 'I love you' is so much better than just saying it.

The Little Prankster!

This baby girl is quite the comic when her dad tries to cut her nails, she fakes a wail only to burst into giggles later.

Baby Arguing With Her Dad

This 19-month-old all of a sudden has an opinion on getting ready for bed. Watch how she argues with her dad about it!

Baby Misses Dad's Beard

1-Year-Old cries when dad shaves his awesome winter beard! This is so cute.

Cute Baby Talking On The Phone

This little girl has all the sass, pretending to have a very grownup-like conversation on the phone.

Baby Cries When Listening Sings So Cute

This baby is not happy to hear his mommy sing!! Quite funny though!

Baby Cries Every Time A Book Ends - So Adorable!

When you're a baby, you can't always control your emotions. Like 10-month-old Emmett here in this video, who cries every time his parents close a book they've finished reading.

Here's Taking 'Cushioning The Fall' To Another Level

This is one smart baby. He tries to get off the bed but it is too high so he throws down pillows for a safe landing!

Amazing Baby Eats Chocolate Cake

Who doesn't love chocolate cake? This baby is no exception. Watch how much this little one enjoys her piece of cake, or all of it!

A Head Massage Anyone?

This cutesy video of a dog giving his baby friend nothing less than a head massage. How very soothing!

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