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The Enchanting World Of Books


“If we expose kids to books and art, nothing but good can come from it” - Kevin Henkes, American writer.

With summer vacations in full flow, parents are a worried lot. And their primary concern are their bored kids. Watching television the whole day is not healthy, and playing outdoors in the searing heat of summer is not possible for long periods of time.

Looking for some fun ways to keep your kids engaged during this lockdown? Here is a unique kid’s activity book to help you out! 

So, what can parents do in this situation? Simple! Just fall back on the tried and trusted medium of books, which will not only entertain but also educate.

Through books, your child can also unlock endless possibilities. Your child can learn so many interesting things through reading. Also, this habit is good for their language skills, vocabulary and overall literary development. 

Try to inculcate the habit of reading in your child. Help your child develop a love for reading by making interesting books easily available to them. Different children have different likes and dislikes. Keep in mind about your child’s choices and take her along to pick books of her interest.

Go through this ClipBook, which contains curated books for all occasions and situations. It even has book recommendations for kids of all ages. From train-related books to space-themed books, we have it all! Check it out.


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