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The Difficulty Of Being Good

Anvita Bajpai


Flooding With Choices..

After putting a Facebook page for my first book, 'life, Odds & Ends', I thought of creating a blog. I think, talk, write, mail etc., but I have never created a blog before. Thought of checking a good application for the same on my iPad. And I was ...

The Difficulty Of Being Good

Pinky's Story: Read the Pinky's story - The difficulty of being good.

On Learning To Live

Life has four important pulls - live, evolve, create and nurture. The struggle lies in figuring out a way to balance these pulls - that's what is the common and of interest between all of us - and that's what is LIFE.

Games - People Play..

Recently, I have downloaded a game called 'Dots' on my iPad. My idea to use this app was - it's a one min. game, that I can play easily in the middle of work. Later, I observed, it was never one min., that I played this game for - the average ti...

Answering "How Do You Find Your Own Work-Life Balance? And A Piece Of Advice For Others.."

As it comes to my balance, I balance my personal and family life, along with my professional (that two in two directions) demands. Now to explain, here - ‘Live’ is related to self (for example, health, finance, hobbies etc). ‘Evolve’ is relate...

Correlated Or Uncorrelated - On The Latest Episode Of 'Satyamev Jayate'

After watching the latest episode of 'Satyamev Jayate' we were just discussion corruption and scams. A story was told about an old women of a village, who trusted her Sarpanch and believed that her salary (of the labour work done) would come one...

Are You Living In Multiple Worlds??

Last evening as I was taking a walk in my apartment, I noticed a kid playing badminton really well. As I reached further closer to them, I saw the father - with racket in one hand and his smart phone in other - trying to juggle between the two.

Spreading Smiles :)

"Spreading Smiles" - this was the topic of my talk that I gave yesterday to 9th standard kids at Blossom Public School, at an event organised by "Dream A Dream", a NGO, in collaboration of IIT Madras.

Combining Dreams ..

I had five kids to work with me for the same. And they began with drawing their dreams. The first one wanted to become a doctor, and second was dreaming about becoming a big car designer, the third and fourth one had dreams of becoming teachers, ...

Niyam, Dharma, Karma - Key To A Good Life..

Key 1 - Niyam - Discipline and predictability - The best thing about the system and process is that it enforces you to do things in a manner, which again is thought by certain thoughtful people. Key 2 - Dharma - Religion - It is very close t...

Life, Odds & Ends: Picture Perfect - With Not-So-Perfect People :)

Many friends have called to ask the 'story behind', after I shared the following pic on FB, early this year. Even yesterday, one friend asked this question as we meet .. and I thought it needs to be posted and here it is ... Let me define the con...

Logic Or Emotions For Traditions ..

To be honest, traditions and rituals have become more of fashion statements, convenience based, and are subjected to personal beliefs or getting convinced factor ...

Image Management

Don’t we all wear a mask called ‘image’? Let’s not only make it beautiful and keep it clean, but also make it transparent ..

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