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The Cutest Letters To Parents

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“Dear mommy,

I love the cookies you make for me. So you can have my favourite mickey mouse t-shirt.

I love you, mooommy.”

We all have troubled our mothers so much, and also have loved them from the core of our heart. Your childhood memories are incomplete without your mom running behind you, everywhere you went. But, do you remember writing letters to your parents when you were a child? If yes, you know how happy your parents would have felt on reading those cute letters.

As we grew up and became parents, we all would have experienced such amazing moments as we get such small notes of love from our children, as surprises on our birthday or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

The beauty of innocence is incomparable. Though, the age we live is ruled by gadgets and technology, a hand drawn picture of the family or a letter addressed to the parents can bring out tears of joy.

If you haven’t gotten any letters till now, wait for it. If you have, cherish and preserve it. When you grow, old and become grandparents, these withered notes of innocent love can bring happiness that knows no limits.

To read a few immensely cute and adorable letters addressed to parents by their cute little buttercups, flip through the ClipBook.


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