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The Benefits Of Vitamin D For Children


Children need a variety of minerals and vitamins for their proper growth and development. Of these, vitamin D is one such nutrient that is essential for children’s health. Although Vitamin D is present in certain foods, the most important source is sunlight. That is why it is called the ‘sunshine vitamin’.

According to an article titled 12 Ways to Get Your Daily Vitamin D by Ella Quittner published in health.com, ‘some ways through which children can get a daily dose of vitamin D is through: sunlight, where a small amount of sun exposure without sunscreen can help, through fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, fortified milk and certain vitamin D supplements’.

Medicalnewstoday.com says adequate vitamin D is important for the regulation of calcium and phosphorous absorption and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D has multiple benefits for children such as:

  • Maintains proper health of bones and teeth.
  • Supports the immune system, brain and nervous system.
  • Improves lung function.
  • Boosts weight loss.

Serious vitamin D deficiency in children can lead to rickets, delayed motor development, muscle weakness, aches, and even fractures while playing games. Children might be at risk of vitamin D deficiency if they keep all their skin covered at all times or spend most of their time indoors.

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