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The Art Of Doodling


Doodling is an interesting pastime that is fun and enjoyable. Having a hobby that is creative and lets us express ourselves is highly motivating. Doodling is also one such art that has grown from being a pastime to a serious art where people, their behavior, belief and thought process can be studied through drawings. It is also one of the easiest and the most connecting forms of art that can be done by anyone.

Doodling is an easy form of art that is a pictorial representation of our thoughts and opinions. Psychologists say that doodling can provide considerable insight into the creator’s mind and life. It is also a representation of our goals, and sometimes, our relationships. Doodling can be categorized into different styles based upon their designs, shapes and structures, including geometrical shapes, arrows, patterns, faces, landscapes, 3D shapes, food, animals, vehicles and weapons. Developing an early-age interest for doodling in children is helpful in knowing their mental state and thus, evaluating and keeping a track of their mental health.

According to an article titled Doodles Interpretation And Psychological Analysis published in 2knowmyself.com, “Geometrical shapes may indicate that the person has got a rational and logical way of thinking. This person may also be a good planner. Drawing a triangle sometimes signifies the internal desire of going up or advancing in your career or social life.”

You can also motivate your child to doodle from an early-age and develop his skill and fasten his cognitive development. This is also known to prevent the child from feeling alone, and keeps him busy while developing an active interest in art.

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