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Teens And Texting


According to a study conducted by researchers from Rutgers University, USA, and cited by the Times of India, the night-time texting habit of teenagers is becoming a cause for concern. It is the reason for yawning in the classroom and also for the dip in their grades! With the increasing use of technology and smartphones, both teens and their parents spend considerable time on messaging, texting or whatsapping. Gone are the days when people would write long letters and post them. These days, people don’t even send emails or make calls. It has all come down to a 140-character world, made famous by twitter!

With this habit affecting so many, it is important that you ensure that the world of smartphones doesn’t trap and encage your teens. You can do this by laying down some rules for them to follow like - setting a usage limit before you buy them a smartphone; telling them that they can’t text during dinner or when in a gathering and so on. Rules laid out right in the beginning will ensure that they don’t go astray. To help further, encourage the habit of reading books or writing journals, which are beneficial to their overall development and will serve as healthy ‘addictions’. According to an article published on the site everydayhealth, “Before you give your child a cell phone, talk about your expectations. If you don’t want texting during dinner or if 100 texts a day is too many, let her know. If your rules get broken, explain the consequences. Consider taking the phone away.”

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