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Teens And Technology - Danah Boyd Interview

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Teens And Social Media: A Winning Combination?

The TCS Youth Survey 2016 conducted across India to understand the digital habits of students from class VIII to XII threw up some very interesting trends. Nearly 50% of Indian parents had control over their teen’s online accounts. Yet, nearly 25%...

Author Danah Boyd On Why Teens And Social Media Are 'Complicated'

When it comes to understanding how teens use social media, there's perhaps no one more clued in than Danah Boyd, except maybe teens themselves. An ethnographer with a Ph.D. in information from the University of California at Berkeley, she has spen...

It's Complicated: How To Understand Teens Lives On Social Media

A leading youth and technology expert Danah Boyd offers original research on teens' use of social media, the myths that frighten caring adults, and how young people form communities.

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