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Teens And Safe Driving


Age and driving behaviour are closely related. In fact, it is universally acknowledged that the risk of being involved in accidents and traffic violations is highest among teenage drivers. Research suggest that there are a number of reasons for teenagers being risky drivers. Some of them are: lack of good driving skills, not wearing seat belts, overspeeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and risky driving due to overconfidence in their driving abilities.

But you can help prepare your teen well and prove himself a responsible and safe driver. According to the article ‘Helping Teens Learn to Drive’ in kidshealth.org, ‘When it comes to driving, experience is an important teacher. The more time young drivers spend building a variety of skills in different road and weather conditions, the more calm and confident they will feel and the better they'll be able to react to challenging situations’.

Once your teen has learned the basic driving skills, give him the chance to practice on busier roads, as driving skills develop and get better only with practice and experience. Some of the skills that take time to develop are learning to anticipate the actions of other drivers and recognising high-risk situations.

Teaching teens to drive safely can contribute greatly to making our roads a safer place. According to the article titled ‘Healthy and Safe Driving Tips for Teens’ written by Selena Gerrish in hopinghealth.com, ‘It is important that all teens improve their driving skills which will help in eradicating the dangers that are caused by people’s bad driving habits. Teens should book practical driving test in order to improve their defensive driving skills. Be a well-mannered and a secure driver at all times.’

You can learn about the various ways to teach safe driving to your teen by going through our ClipBook.


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