Teen Trends - Loom Bands

Bbc News - A Craze For 'Loom Bands'

Children everywhere are making jewellery from rubber bands. Why?

Indian Flag Themed Bracelet On Rainbow Loom.

3 Orange, 3 White, 3 Green makes One Flag, 4 such put together gives the desired length for kids wrist. Total of 36 rubber bands with 12 in each color(Orange...

23 Reasons Why The Loom Bands Craze Is A Menace And Needs To Stop

These DIY elastic bracelets will be humanity's downfall. ..

Loom Band Cancer Warning As Rogue 'Charms' Contain Deadly Chemicals | Daily Mail Online

Officials have issued a warning about fake 'charms' for loom bands (genuine bands pictured) after tests showed some products imported from the Far East to the UK had high levels of phthalates.

Trend Alert: Loom Bands - The Times Of India

The colourful wrist tie-up that shot to fame after Kate Middleton sported one

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Teen Trends - Loom Bands

Viren RajeshViren Rajesh
Loom bands just about got more creative. The do-it-yourself craze in loom bands is going viral.