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Teen Swearing


Your teen screams out a profanity in the middle of an argument. It was all in the heat of the moment, you might tell yourself. Then it happens again. You overhear him swearing while talking on the phone, laughing with his friends, or when he hurts himself accidentally. Soon, it become a part of his vocabulary.

Your teen’s swearing is much more than just a bad habit. Many types of research suggest that it is a show of extreme aggression, and might actually affect his mental health.

You might blame it on the social circle he is with, or the TV programmes he watches. But there is plenty of psychological reasons behind your teen’s usage of profanities. An article in Power to Change says,“Many young people resort to swearing as a means to try to demonstrate their level of maturity. Children and young adults mistakenly equate verbal demonstrations with a level of maturity. They honestly believe they’re perceived older if they use words typically associated with adults.”

However, there is much more to swearing than what meets our eyes (or ears, in this case). “Swearing is not a trivial matter about an occasional profanity slipping past a child’s lips. Previous research into swearing has shown it has a significant impact with problems at home, in school, and at the workplace,” says an article in PsychCentral. Hence it falls into your hands to address the internal issue your teen I going through, that is hidden beneath the surface of his swear words.

To learn more about teen swearing and what you can do to control his cusses, read through the links compiled in this ClipBook.


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While it's been long established that watching violent scenes increases aggression levels, a new study suggests that profanity in the media, on TV and in video games, may have a similar effect on teens... Read the article to know more.

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Profanity in teen novels varies greatly from book to book, but new research found that characters who do use foul language tend to also be the most popular, attractive and rich, according to new research published in the journal Mass Communication...

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According to some studies somewhere around .7% of the words that an average person uses throughout the day are swear words. To put this in perspective, people use first person pronouns (such as I, we, and me) at about the same rate... Read on.

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