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Teen Mutiny


“Rebellion is a sign of a child fighting to be seen as who they are,” said Carol Tuttle, an American author.

Commonly, defiance exhibited by teenagers has a negative connotation. As we are busy cringing on the word “rebel”, we fail to understand why teenagers rebel, and most importantly, that not all rebellions are unjustified. An article in Understanding Teenagers says, “It is a mistake to think that teenage rebellion is wrong or undesirable.. Not all teenage rebellion is violent or illegal however. In fact a degree of teen rebellion is pretty healthy”

Buy why does she always have to argue and raise a mutiny? “During teenage, the area of the brain called the prefrontal cortex is developing. It's your thinking cap and judgement centre, which means kids can now develop their own ideals and ideas.. The arguments -- they're also the result of the prefrontal cortex at work. It may seem that they argue for the sake of arguing. But really, they're practising their new abilities," say an article in WebMD.

Sometimes though, there might be deep-rooted reasons for your teen’s rebellious attitude. Something they are going through, something that hurt them.. An article in Parenting Teenagers Academy explains, “If your teenager is rebelling, they are angry for a reason and you need to focus on this reason, not the behaviours. Before any healing can take place, your child needs to get their frustration out of them. Once they have, then you can work on your healing process.”

Most importantly, remember that this is just a phase! Maybe, you and your child could laugh about her rebellious behaviour later on, while watching a few of these teen rebellion movies, as suggested in this ClipBook. Go through it for more!


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