Technology And It's Impact On Children

The Impact Of Technology On The Developing Child

Reminiscing about the good old days when we were growing up is a memory trip well worth taking when trying to understand the issues facing the children of today. A mere 20 years ago, children used to play outside all day, riding bikes, playing spo...

How Tv Affects Your Child

Most kids plug into the world of television long before they enter school.

Childhood Obesity & Technology – What’S The Connection?

As the demands for our time increase, parents are turning to technology to help keep the kids quiet and busy, allowing them time to focus on making dinner, send a few emails from their smartphone or even just some personal down time.

Protect Your Child’S Playtime: It’S More Important Than Homework, Lessons, And Organized Sports

If you want your child to grow up to be confident, co-operative, intelligent, creative, and successful, protect his playtime from all the encroachments of life in a fast-paced, ambitious, technologically wired world. Playtime is one of the most co...

Should Parents Limit How Much Time Children Spend On Tech Devices?

Smartphones, iPads, game systems, laptops, desktops and TVs.

How To Limit Your Child's Exposure To Technology

It seems these days that kids are operating electronic devices such as smartphones practically moments after being born.

Fun At Home Apart From The Tvs, Phones And Computers

There'll always be something to do with these great activities for kids. Keep everyone busy and happy, whatever the weather.

The Right Technology For Kids At Every Age

If you’re like most parents, you’re proudly documenting your child’s firsts: smile, steps, words. But what is the correct age for them to understand the technology to make proper use of technology

How Technology Is Changing The Way Children Think And Focus

Thinking. The capacity to reflect, reason, and draw conclusions based on our experiences, knowledge, and insights. It’s what makes us human and has enabled us to communicate, create, build, advance, and become civilized.

The Link Between Wireless Technology And The Rise In Autism

It Just Makes Sense – The Link Between Wireless Technology and the Rise in Autism Autism is an increasingly common neurological disorder that usually results in abnormal development of social interaction, communication skills and processing of sen...

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Technology And It's Impact On Children