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Tech Toys: How Are They Really Affecting Your Child?


Today, children are growing up in a world that is technology. Television, videogames, smartphones, tablets, and other similar tech toys are the preferred instruments of play for our children.

These tech toys may have made our little ones smarter –a three-year-old using a tablet was unimaginable earlier! But most the parents are a worried now becasue tech toys may ensure that a child does not fall behind his peers but it can, in a negative way, affect their ability to think or exercise their imagination.

In the article, How technology is affecting kids socially and academically, published in FOX43 in 2015, writer Heather Warner states that kids are growing up in a different world when compared to a decade ago. Technology may rule the roost but along with the positive aspects, it has a negative impact on the education and social skills of children.

Facebook and Instagram are okay to use, but repeated use of social media sites takes away the ability of children to communicate effectively with others. When children engage in face-to-face interaction, they can read facial expressions and pauses in conversation, which is very important to their mental well-being – something that is missing in social sites.

Mindpub states a tech toy or a game does not require much thinking on the part of the child because there is only one way to operate it. Some effects of high-tech products on children include:

• Stunting of imagination.

• Shortened attention span.

• Increased tendency to become more passive or aggressive.

• Lack of exercise leading to inadequate physical growth.

Tech toys are not entirely harmful. If used in a proper and responsible way, tech toys can educate and inform. The trick lies in maintaining a balance between the real world and the tech world. 


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