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Teaching Your Children To Swim


The act of swimming and splashing about in water is considered to be beneficial for children in their toddler years. Even children who are very young are learning to swim these days. Are you also one of those parents waiting to give your child some lessons in the swimming pool? Then before you take the plunge, you will do well to get informed on how you go about doing it.

There are several fun ways in which you can help your child learn swimming and our ClipBook will be of immense help in this regard. But while you help your child to learn swimming, you also need to keep in mind the safety rules to be followed. BabyCenter, the UK-based leading parenting website, has this advice to offer: “However beneficial being in water is for your toddler, it's important that you take your cues from him. Some toddlers love to put their heads under water, but for others it's a bit scary. Some love to splash, but others prefer to paddle about quietly.”

To help you with all these, we have collected some great articles. You will get to know of some tips on how to teach them swimming, what safety rules to follow and also aspects such as how to maintain the water levels and the swimming place.


Why Your Child Should Learn To Swim

Learning to swim is fun, provides health benefits and could save a child’s life. Sadly, drowning is the third most common form of accidental death in children, so learning to swim really is an essential life skill. The great thing about swimming i...

Swimming And Splashing: Toddler Development

Splashing around in the water will also help your toddler to be more coordinated and body-confident. Being in the water will feel so different to him – he'll feel buoyed up on the one hand, but his movements through the water will be slower and mo...

Benefits Of Swimming For Kids

Teaching your child to swim and encouraging him to swim regularly can have significant benefits for both his health and safety. Especially on a hot day, swimming is a way to keep cool, while encouraging a healthy level of physical and social activ...

The Key Benefits Of Swimming For Children On The Autism Spectrum

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children and adults on the autism spectrum. Every child should have the opportunity to enjoy the water in a safe and comfortable environment, including children on the autism spectrum. Here's s...

Swimming For Children With Disabilities: Benefits And Safety Precautions

Swimming is a physical education activity which is very useful for children with physical disabilities. It promotes a range of physical skills and offers opportunities for building a strong relationship between teachers, aides and students. Give s...

Swim Safety For Kids And Adults

The American Red Cross offers important swimming safety tips to help you and your kids stay safe while in the water.

Scientific Proof Of The Benefits Of Baby Swimming

A case-controlled study conducted by Ruth Brenner and her colleagues discovered that participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% among children aged one to four years. The authors concluded that swimming lessons...

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