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Teaching Your Child Tolerance

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“The highest result of education is tolerance.” — Helen Keller

With increasing connectivity, every generation is exposed to more changes, greater differences of opinion, and diverse cultural practices. To succeed in such a world, it is important to learn to be tolerant, as it helps to respect differences, reject stereotypes and promotes acceptance.

According to the article, '10 Ways to Nurture Tolerance to Reduce Bullying,' by Dr. Michele Borba, "Tolerance is a powerful virtue that helps curtail hatred, bullying, violence, and bigotry while at the same time influencing us to treat others with kindness, respect, and understanding."

But how can you help your child learn to be tolerant?

Start by setting a good example. Children learn by observing their parents and others around them. If you show respect to others, your child will follow your footsteps. Expose your child to different cultures by providing her with storybooks that have stories with multiracial characters. If your child makes an insensitive remark, ask her how she would feel if the same was said about her. This would help her understand that she shouldn’t say things that can make someone feel uncomfortable. Also, treat your child with respect and develop her self-esteem. For a child who feels confident is less likely to feel insecure and fearful, two factors that give rise to intolerance.

The article, 'How To Teach Your Kids About Tolerance', says "Think about the behaviors you wish to see in your child. Then model those behaviors, because kids will mostly follow in your footsteps."

Remember, children aren't born with prejudice but tend to develop it later. We can teach our children to welcome and appreciate the diversity of the world we live in and connect with everyone around them. 

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Tolerance is a powerful virtue that helps curtail hatred, bullying, violence, and bigotry while allowing us to treat others with kindness, respect, and understanding.

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It’s nice to think about having our kids grow up in a world free of hate, discrimination, and filled with tolerant people, right? So, if we want our kids to grow up in this type of environment, we have to set the tone for them.

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