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Teaching Your Child About Personal Space

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"Personal space" means the area around a person which they prefer not be occupied by another person. Whether it’s you or your little one, everyone needs some space of their own. Inculcating in your child, as early as possible, the habit of respecting others’ personal space is very advisable.

Teaching your child to respect what is yours and obey when you say “off limits” is very important. According to an article in Michigan State University Extension, “As children grow and develop it is important to have family rules that define personal spaces for each family member. Everyone needs a space that is just theirs. Many personal spaces can be defined by teaching children to close the door when they are in the bathroom or bedroom or when they are getting dressed or undressed.” The article also suggests you to set an example by talking clearly to your child about intentions that involve personal space, for yourself or your belongings.

Small behaviour changes like these not only make your child more disciplined and respectful of others’ privacy, but “can also help avoid unsafe, inappropriate or uncomfortable scenarios,” says an article in Similarly, it makes your child more socially acceptable, as respecting the space of others is a very important social skill your child will have.

Though it could be a long process, before your child fully understand this concept, you should learn to be more patient, but consistent and positive.

Know more about how to teach this social skill to your little one by flipping through our ClipBook.


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