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Teaching Tweens To Organise Their Room

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Cultivating organisational skills in children can be a challenging task. Parents have to employ various innovative methods to ensure that children do not make a mess and have a long-term goal of being organised. Be it arranging their books in the cabinet, submitting important schoolwork or keeping things in their room in such a way that they are easily accessible, you can train them to have some strategies in place.      

In his article, the Powerful Psychology Behind Cleanliness, expert Dr Ralph Ryback says, "Getting rid of clutter can be difficult, especially since we often attach emotional feelings to old objects. Try your best to donate or throw away your clutter." We give you some sure-shot ways to teach your preteens to be organised in this helpful ClipBook. 


The Powerful Psychology Behind Cleanliness

What is it about a well-organised tableau that makes people so satisfied? Why do some people spend their free time scrolling through blogs that teach them how to rearrange their closets or the best way to color-code their filing cabinets? Keeping ...

Tips For Getting Kids To Clean Their Rooms

Teaching our kids how to keep their stuff in order, whether they have a room or a corner of their own, puts important deposits in their bank of skills for being a grownup. Establishing regular routines provides some predictability and stability i...

12 Ways To Develop Your Child's Organisational Skills

One of the ways to develop organisational skills in children is to cultivate an interest in collecting. If your child has a particular interest, encourage him to create and organise the collection. It can even be something free — such as rocks or ...

Help Your Child Get Organised

Getting organised means a kid gets where he needs to be and gathers the supplies needed to complete the task. Staying focused means sticking with the task and learning to say "no" to distractions. Getting it done means finishing up, checking your...

Simple Ways Parents Can Teach Kids To Get Organised

Engage your kids in setting the routine (it helps build their planning skills) and encourage them to follow yours or make their own to keep chores manageable and stress low. Help them learn how to use “free” time. Time management involves importan...

Teaching A Child To Keep Their Room Clean

Teaching a child to keep their room clean can be a challenge. Do you ever feel like your kid’s bedroom is always a mess? Do you get frustrated that you have to clean up behind your children because they do not listen. Here are some amazing tips to...

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