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Teaching Philosophy To Children



Teaching Philosophy To Children Is A Great Idea

Studying philosophy cultivates doubt without helplessness and confidence without hubris. Children evolve to be more rational and open-minded because of philosophy.

Why Do Kids Need To Learn Philosophy?

The idea that schoolchildren should become philosophers will be scoffed at by school boards, teachers, parents and philosophers alike. The latter will question whether kids can even do philosophy, while the former likely have only a passing famili...

How To Teach Philosophy

Philosophy can be a difficult subject to teach. The Guardian Teacher Network has plenty of resources to help pupils get to grips with it.

Teach Philosophy To Boost Children’S Maths Scores

Teaching philosophy to primary school children can improve their English and maths skills, according to a pilot study highlighting the value of training pupils to have inquiring minds. Children from deprived backgrounds benefited the most from phi...

For A Better Society, Teach Philosophy In High Schools

Why philosophy? Because of the study of philosophy, the "love of wisdom," creates and nurtures thoughtful minds, minds that can as Aristotle suggests entertain a thought without accepting it.

Philosophy Should Be A Requirement

Philosophy needs to be a requirement in high school and as part of “general education” in college within the USA. It is important that everyone (a) know more about being reasonable and (b) know more about being moral. Both reasonableness and moral...

Philosophy For Eight-Year-Olds

Central to the foundation’s own philosophy is that reasoning should become the fourth “R” in education, equipping children with skills that will come in useful both inside and outside the classroom.

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