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Teaching First Aid To Children


First aid refers to the immediate help given to an injured or unwell person before professional medical treatment arrives. 

Everybody gets injured or suddenly falls sick at some points in their lives.In such situations they need other people with some knowledge around them to provide them with first aid and help them out. 

Children especially are prone to get hurt as they run around and play. They may fall down and get a scrape or abrasion. This could happen to a friend of your child or to your child herself. In order to prepare your child for situations such as these, it is important to educate her on the basics of first aid. 

In the event that there are no adults around your child to take care of the situation, your child must be capable of contacting professional medical help if it is an emergency. And if not, he must be able to administer some basic first aid. 

Read through the clips below to discover fun ways you can teach your child some basic first aid. 


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