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Teaching Children To Think


Thinking is a very important part of our life. As the famous French philosopher, René Descartes, said ‘I think, therefore I am’. For Descartes, the fact that we had the brilliant power to think was the only proof that we were real (at least in his early years).

But, what exactly is thinking?

Trying to define thinking is quite difficult. It is about problem-solving, moving from one thought to another, reasoning and so on.

Knowing how important thinking is, it is surprising that we don't pay much attention to developing our children's thinking abilities. However, there are many ways we can develop our child's thinking skills. But, to do that, you would first have to learn them.

In this ClipBook, we show you how you can help your child become better at thinking and why it would be beneficial. 


What Are Thinking Skills

As parents, we always tell our children to 'think' well before they do anything. But have we ever paused to understand what we are really asking them to do when we tell them to 'think'? The act of thinking is a complex process and...

Develop Your Child's Critical Thinking And Writing Skills

Being able to critically think and analyse is a very good skill to have. And if this is combined with an ability to form clear and coherent structures, it becomes even more powerful. Therefore, you should do what you can in order to help your chil...

7 Ways To Boost Critical Thinking Abilities In Children

Knowing about the importance of critical thinking, it’s hard to imagine a parent who wouldn’t want their child to develop this skill. So, here are some of the ways in which you can get your child to develop critical thinking skills and become bett...

How To Encourage Lateral Thinking In Your Child

Thinking in a logical manner is very important. The concept of lateral thinking was developed by Edward de Bono in 1967. By teaching a child the concept of lateral thinking, you can help him...

How To Raise Children Who Solve Their Own Problems

Our life is full of challenges and problems that we need to overcome and solve. However, to do these, we need to develop problem-solving skills in our children. Not only would this help them bring about a change in the way they look at day-to-day ...

Thinking Scientifically

Along with thinking critically, it’s also important to think scientifically. After all, the processes go hand in hand. Not to mention that it’s our duty as Indian citizens to develop a ‘scientific temper’. A phrase coined by Jawaharlal Nehru that ...

7 Mobile Games That Will Develop Critical Thinking Skills In Your Child

There’s a lot that can be done on a mobile these days. But did you know one of these actions is being able to increase your child’s critical thinking skills? Read on to learn how.

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