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Teaching Children To Stand Up For What Is Right

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How To Teach Your Kids To Stand Up For What Is Right

Parents can encourage their kids to speak up for what they believe by asking them what they feel most concerned about —and then providing them with resources and connections to get involved.

7 Skills To Teach Kids To Stan Up To Bullies

Does your child know how to handle a bully? Fortify your kids with specific skills that help young people stand-up for themselves and stop bullies in their tracks.

Teaching Children To Stand Up For Themselves

No parent wants to see his or her kid pushed around by others. Parents also don’t want their child to become the playground bully, bossing other kids around. The best defense against your child becoming a target of other stronger willed children i...

10 Steps For Teaching Your Kids To Be Assertive

Are you struggling with a child who has difficulty standing up for himself? We should talk to our kids about appropriate personal boundaries in all of its forms: physical boundaries, emotional boundaries, legal boundaries, school and workplace bou...

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