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Teaching Children To Be Fair And Just


“Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you”

– H. Jackson Brown

Being fair and just are two of the most important qualities of a good person and play key roles in promoting harmony and peace in the world. Fairness can mean different things: sharing, caring, compromising, admitting when you are wrong and making sure everyone is treated with the kindness and respect they deserve. For our children to grow up into fair and just adults, it is important to teach them these values during their formative years.

According to Psychology Today, in most societies worldwide, fairness is considered as one of the fundamental moral values. Research studies have made it clear that children begin to understand the concept of fairness quite early in their lives. One way of teaching our children the concept of fairness is by listening to their opinions and setting boundaries at the same time. WebMD says that fairness does not come from just good manners. It’s probably a mix of nature and nurture that develops our sense of fairness.

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Fairness - A Fair Value

Young children usually define what is “fair” according to their own needs and desires of the moment. Parents, however, do not need to give in to a youngster’s definition of fairness. Each little one is an individual, created by God with a one-of-a...

Talking With Kids About Fairness

A good place to start a conversation about fairness is by talking about collaboration. Young children tend to believe that when people work together, whatever benefits they obtain as a result should be shared. You can begin by describing a situati...

How To Teach Fairness In An Unfair World

To simply say that life is not fair and expect children to accept that notion at face value is a bit of a leap of faith. You can try to soften the statement by saying that life isn't the same for everyone. But it all boils down to the fact that ch...

Teaching “Fairness” To Preschoolers Is One More Way To Build Character

Fairness is something that we all want in our daily interactions, and something that all children need to learn. Here are some suggestions you might want to employ when teaching “fairness” to young children.

Fair Play For Children

When it comes to children’s games, playing the game matters more than winning. But some healthy competition is also good for children – when it’s handled well. You can teach your child about fair play and how to cope with the disappointment of los...

Cultural Differences Determine When Kids Learn To Play Fair

The concept of fairness informs everything from playground squabbles to business negotiations. Now, a study suggests that cultural differences shape when children develop a sense of fairness, with significant variations across countries.

How Fairness Develops In Kids Around The World

A study of seven countries shows that all children hate getting less than their peers, but only some hate getting more. For decades, psychologists have argued that the answers depend on how old you are, and whether you're the one with the bigger o...

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