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Teaching Children Not To Interrupt

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Children may not know that interrupting you while you are on the phone is not a good thing. When young children, especially toddlers, want your attention (which is all the time) they may begin calling out to you or demand your attention in some way or the other. These intrusions can happen anytime -- whether you are on a business call, talking to a neighbour or even doing something important.

But with simple tips, you can easily teach your child that interruptions are not a sign of good manners. Telling her to not disturb you before you make that important phone call can always come in handy in this type of situation. Also tell her about interruptions being right for emergency situations. But talk to them about what constitutes emergencies. Also, just because your child cuts you off whenever you are in conversation with someone doesn't mean she is disobedient. She might just not understand that it is not right to do so. But once children know that chiming in with their two bits when you are talking to someone else is not right, they may follow the rules.

Elizabeth Pantley, author of No-Cry Discipline Solution, in her article titled Handing Interrupting from your Toddler, published in, writes, "Teach your children how to determine if something warrants an interruption, as they may have a hard time deciphering when interruptions are justified. Discuss examples of when it’s okay to interrupt, such as when someone is at the door, or if a sibling is hurt."

Teaching your children to not interrupt also teaches them about giving respect and setting boundaries. This can bode well for them throughout their lives -- both personal and professional.

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