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Teaching Children About Equality



Why To Teach Your Children Equality

Young people need to understand equality and know their rights, to understand both how they should be treated, and how they should treat others. Teaching these topics creates a safe place for students to explore, discuss, challenge and form their ...

Children Learn Rules Of Equality By Age Eight

Humans are endowed with a sense of fairness that most other animals seem not to share, but it's not been clear exactly when this concept starts to develop. Children become more egalitarian as they get older, learning the principles of equality by ...

Teaching Our Kids What Equality Really Means

How can we help our children understand equality? Many people say they are treated equally when everyone is treated the same. But when we think about this for a few minutes, we can see that treating everyone the same may not, in fact, be fair.

Activities To Teach Kids About Equality

Surrounding children from a young age with activities that teach them about equality instills the idea of living in harmony and mutual respect for their fellow human beings.

8 Children's Books That Teach The Importance Of Equality

Teach your children about gender, marriage and family equality. These eight children’s books teach important lessons with gorgeous illustrations and plot lines that do more than entertain.

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