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Teaching Babies To Self-soothe

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Self-Soothing – Why Your Baby Needs This Skill To Sleep Well

How can your baby learn to self-soothe and what difference can it make to your baby’s sleep routine? One of the key factors that determines if a baby will sleep through is whether he learns to self-soothe in the first four to five months of life.

The Importance Of Self-Soothing To Infant Sleep

When a baby knows how to self-soothe and falls asleep independently, she wakes in the night, checks her surroundings, and finding nothing to be alarmed about, she goes back to sleep without needing our help. Babies that have this skill of self-soo...

What Really Happens When You Teach A Baby To Self-Soothe

Self-soothing is a developmental stage, a skill that infants gain as they grow older. Just as they become more physically mobile, develop the ability to eat solids and develop the ability to talk. In essence, you can’t teach something that their b...

5 Tips To Help Your Baby Learn To Self-Soothe

Babies who can self-soothe tend to sleep better and longer than babies who can’t! Here are few tips to help your baby learn to self-soothe and sleep.

When Can Babies Self-Soothe?

Babies aren’t naturally born with the ability to self-soothe. You have to patiently teach your infant this skill, which may involve letting him cry before you offer comfort. When a baby is able to self-soothe, he naturally sleeps for longer period...

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