Teach Your Kids To Be Thankful

20 Ways To Teach Kids Gratitude, From Tots To Teens!

"Of all the gifts your kids could get their hands on this season, there’s probably only one that will ensure their happiness will outlast a pack of batteries. I’ll give you a clue: It’s nothing you can put a bow on. I’m talking about the gift of a...

Try These Steps To Instill A Mind-Set Of Gratitude In Your Little Ones!

According to research by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, "people who practice gratitude feel considerably happier than those in a control group; they are more joyful, enthusiastic, interested, and determined." Click on the above l...

Toys Can Help Children Learn To Be Thankful For What They Have!

Kids who understand gratitude have better grades and are less likely to get depressed. So start teaching your kids to be thankful and grateful. Toys will help you better to do it.

Two Big Words: Thank You!

It’s amazing how two little words make all the difference. Two? I know, you are thinking the big three: I Love You. But arguably there are two that, I think, might be even more important at times.

Teach Kids How To Write A Thank You Note!

Its always nice to write thank you notes. It does brings joy to one own self and motivates the other person. Here is how you can teach your kids to write thank you notes.

Its More Than Just Good Manners!

According to positive psychologists, the words ‘ ‘ are no longer just good manners, they are also beneficial to the self. To take the best known examples, studies have suggested that being grateful can improve well-being, physical health, can stre...

Lot More To Learn To Use Those Magical Words!

Thanks, Thank you, Thank you very much, I can't thank you enough and lot more. Check out the video to use the words appropriately.

The Thank You Song!

A Thank You song for your little one to watch!

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Teach Your Kids To Be Thankful

Want your child to be grateful for what he has? Here are few simple ways to do it.