Teach Your Kids Table Manners

Grandmothers Blame Lazy Parenting For Children's Rudeness And Lack Of Table Manners

Liberal parents obsessed with letting children 'express themselves' are killing-off good manners, it has been claimed A decline in traditions like sitting down to eat dinner together and using common courtesies such as 'excuse me' stems from lazy...

5 Table Manners Rules Every Kid Should Know

Every parent wants their child to behave well in any situation -- and part of that is having proper table manners. What are the most important manners for kids to adhere to? Here's a list that will help you educate your kids on good table manners.

10 Table Manners Every Middle Schooler Should Know

With the holidays approaching, many families will be sitting down for more formal meals, making it the perfect time for our young teens to learn some additional dining etiquette while brushing up on the behaviors they already know.

How To Eat Soup

how to eat soup, teaching kids soup manners, Ideas to learn soup manners

Fingers Or Fork?

As a general rule if you are at a fast-food restaurant, picnic, or barbecue, it is pretty likely that fingers are acceptable. But if you are at a nice restaurant or dinner at someone else’s home, most likely use a fork. Also consider how messy t...

The Manners Game

The only thing more annoying than eating with a family that has rude children, is being the family with the rude kids. It happened to me only once, but it was traumatic enough for me to solemnly swear, “Never again!”

Time For Table Manners Disney Cartoon About Good Manners When Eating

Time For Table Manners is A corny campy educational Disney cartoon about leaning good manners when eating dinner or out at restaurants.

Teach Your Kids Table Manners

The complete guide to good manners dishes up age-by-age advice guaranteed to help you take back your table.

Kids And Table Manners

Kids shouldn't be expected to be adults. They are adults in training. Of course you should have patience with them, but it is your job to teach them table manners. With very young children, it's best to start the moment they join you at the table...

How To Teach Good Table Manners To Kids

Parents often wonder how important it is to teach good table manners to kids. The truth is that,if the kids are not taught table manners at the right age then kids make it a habit of practising the same manners that they have been acting till date...

A Humorous Approach To Table Manners – The Pig Who Saved Dinner

We have a pig. Yup, smack dab in the center of our dinner table is a pig. He’s been there for a few years and is responsible for bringing back PEACE to our family dinners. Here’s how it happened.

Pediatrics - The Importance (& Healthfulness) Of Table Manners

As a pediatrician, I spend plenty of time talking about what to eat. But just as important — possibly even more important — is how to eat. When I told my kids that I was writing about table manners, they looked at me with one-eyebrow-up skeptici...

8 Tips For Teaching Your Child Table Manners

The words “kids” and “table manners” are hardly synonymous. Whether you have a tot who delights in making a mess; a preschooler who spends more time running around than eating; or a school-ager who gobbles and runs back to his video games, there a...

Best To Keep Table Manners Simple And Straight

Moving into different cultures, one understood that table manners were complex and shifting things.

Advice About Kids' Table Manners

My son is 10 and has ADHD. We haven't been focused on his table manners until recently, as we've had other, more important issues to deal with - school, homework, friendships, etc. But recently we watched him at dinner and realized that his manner...

How To Eat Dessert

Between D week and E week and the arrival of all things pumpkin, we have eaten plenty of desserts around our house lately, so it was only natural to cover How to Eat Dessert for our weekly manner

Teaching Table Manners To Your School-Age Child

Begin with the idea that mealtimes are pleasant and that good behavior makes them more fun for everyone. Talk with your grade-schooler about the importance of good manners, and encourage him to think of himself as a polite person. Set realistic ex...

Teaching Table Manners Special Needs Social Story

Parents expect good manners at the dinner table. It’s important to practice good manners so you know what to do when you are invited to eat at a friend’s house. Your friend’s parents will want to invite you back again if you are polite and not a s...

Kids Eat Right - Teaching Good Table Manners To Kids

Developing table manners is one of the earliest steps parents can take in teaching and modelling good behaviour to their children.

Manners Are Served!

Some of the traits you love about your kindergartner or first-grader -- her boundless energy, honesty, and hands-on approach -- may be the very things that drive you absolutely crazy at mealtime. If you're at the end of your rope with how she beha...

Why Teaching Table Manners Can Do More Harm Than Good

It might be messy, but children should play with their food to stop them becoming fussy eaters. What are your rules at mealtimes?

13 Basic Table Manners For Kids

Is it still improper to have your elbows on the table when you are eating? I have two boys 9 & 10, who seem to think I'm crazy. Any other table manner advice you can give me would be well appreciated. I'm trying to raise our boys to have somewhat ...

Hosting A Manners Party

Becky from a Sweet Hot Mess is with us today with some great tips on teaching children manners.

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Teach Your Kids Table Manners

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Good table manners go beyond proper eating. Here is how kids should behave at the table and how you can get them to behave.