Parenting - Emotions | 5-12 yrs

Teach Your Child How To Be Self-aware


While parents never miss telling their child to be ‘aware’, they never use the word self-aware. In fact, most parents don’t even know what self-awareness is and the wonders it can do.

Self-awareness helps us in every walk of life, from listening to perceiving to understanding to judging and what not. Read through our ClipBook to understand what self-awareness is all about and help your child develop self-awareness.



Self-awareness is a key component of emotional intelligence (EI), encompassing emotional awareness, accurate self-assessment and self-confidence.

What Is Emotional Self-Awareness?

Emotional Intelligence remains a key ingredient in the development of corporate leaders. In this series, best-selling author and Korn Ferry columnist Dan Goleman reveals the 12 key skills behind...

Why Self-Awareness Is Important For Your Child

It was just another Thursday and I had finished a lunch meeting. I drove over to pick my son up from playschool and as he was coming down the stairs I overheard a teacher assistant asking him “Are you going to tell your mummy that you scribbled on...

Why You Should Help Your Child Develop Self-Awareness

The story of the Ramayana never ceases to amaze me. Not only is the tale fascinating, the lessons contained therein continue to be relevant too. One of my favourites is the story of when team Hanuman is standing in front of the ocean...

How Self-Awareness Leads To Effective Communication

Listening is one of the most important skills we need to master. In fact, listening contributes in a fundamental way to our wellbeing and to the quality of our relations. Moreover, by learning how to listen deeply we can become a catalyst for change.

Teaching Children Responsibility And Self-Awareness

The '4 Whats' parenting technique helps teach children to monitor and to describe their own behavior, to observe themselves, and to observe the effect their actions have on the world around them. All good skills for kids with ADHD to learn.

Fostering Self-Awareness In Children On The Autism Spectrum

“I have a daughter with Aspergers (high functioning). She has numerous sensory sensitivities (certain food, noise, textures of clothing, ...

Self-Awareness Is The Key To Your Success

Self-awareness is the one known key to being successful in any facet of your life. It could be for relationships, career, business, or overall happiness. Sounds pretty simple, right? It is, only that it is not.

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