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All About Us!

TATVA sees itself as an institution that enables children to bloom into purposeful, happy adults who strive for excellence in their chosen endeavors and make confident career and life choices.We will prepare children to eventually appear for Cambr...

Why Tatva Pre-School Of All???

We strive to create a warm, secure and love filled environment. Predictable, regualr schedules create an atmosphere of harmony and rhythm. Play is an integral part of everyday. Expression is encouraged through singing, free dancing and explora...

The Importance Of Play And Experiential Learning.

I came across an interesting article in The Age this week (Little learners in the rug-rat race) about how parents these days are “facing increasing pressure to begin their child’s education while still in nappies”. The accelerated early-learning a...

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Tatva Pre-school

We enable children to bloom into purposeful and happy adults and create home like environment in which children feel loved and cared for.