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31 Healthy Meals You Can Make In 10 Minutes Or Less

In the time it takes to watch your favorite cat videos on YouTube, you can make a nutritious, home-cooked breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Chocolate-Covered Ice Cream Bites

A chillingly good snack to share! Recipe!

Healthy Meals In No Time

I am very active every day in addition to doing my usual activities. For example, I walk more than 3 miles a day at about 3 to 4 miles an hour. Or I do something else that's very active. I do some moderate exercise every day in addition to doing m...

30 Healthy Snacks For A Road Trip

It’s hard for me to write this post for one main reason: I’m a clean FREAK! FREAK! And packing healthy snacks for a road trip means my kids will be eating in the car and the car will never be clean again. But I’d rather have a messy car than a han...

44 Healthy Road Trip Snack Ideas - Back To Her Roots

Man, I love a good road trip! Flying is great and all, but there is something really special about packing up the car, cranking up the tunes (or the podcasts), and heading out on the open road. We’ve always been the type that drive instead of fly....

9 Healthy & Budget-Friendly Road Trip Snacks

Tweet Tweet Summer vacations for us mean several road trips in a fairly short period of time. While some are longer than others, I've found it always pays to pack at least a few snacks and games for the trip to save both money and time.

Loaded Cheese Stuffed Mashed Potato Balls

Just when you thought you couldn’t eat mashed potatoes on the go!

Top 10 Tasty Recipes

Food that'll make you close your eyes, lean back, and whisper "yessss." Snack-sized videos and recipes you'll want to try.

15 Best Recipe Apps

The app revolution is leaving no sphere of life untouched, not even the kitchen. With more devices featuring large and vivid touch screens, it doesn't take a genius to realize that a good tablet with the right apps can make for a handy digital coo...

How To Pack Food For A Weekend Away In An Hour! (Plant-Based)

We’re off to a wedding, a birthday party, my in-laws, and then to visit my grammy (Adriana gets to meet her Great-Grammy!) over the long weekend. This means we’re going to clock a ton of hours on the road, so I am coming prepared!

How To Vacuum Pack Food

Meet Lois, a wikiHowian from California who has been active in the community for over 9 years. She enjoys reviewing new edits, welcoming new editors, and starting new articles on crafts or activities she’s learned. She is proud of helping lots of ...

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