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Tasty Recipes Without Onions


Are onions making a dent in your monthly budget? Watching the price of onions skyrocket every week, we are either forced to buy them at a higher price or cook without them. Onions are to Indian cooking like butter is to bread – we can’t do without them! They’re the hero ingredient in most of the dishes we prepare, be it sambhar, baingan bharta, pav bhaji masala or salads and they also add flavour when tempering daal or making a curry.

So, what do we do then? Well, fret no more, because we’ve got you covered! What if you can make lip-smacking, yummy food, without using onions? Yes, you heard us right! People who are allergic, or don’t prefer onions have been cooking without them for a long time, so why don’t we take a leaf out of their cookbooks?

We present to you, a whole clipbook with tasty recipes you can try, without using onions. It also covers why Ayurveda recommends avoiding onions and garlic in food, and all about Eastern India’s 5-spice mix, which is a great replacement for onions! You can now cook without any tears! How about that? Flip through this Clipbook and whip up recipes without onions in no time!      


Here Are The Substitutes For Onions?

If you are not buying onions because of high price, you don't have to compromise on the taste of your food. Look for the next best thing. Here are a few ingredients which can replace onions in your food. Read on to know more.

Asafoetida: A Flavourful Substitute For Onion

Do you know that in many households, instead of onions, only asafoetida or hing is used to to temper dals and curries. It comes with a distinct pungent smell. Hingh could easily be used as an substitute for onions as it adds a similar taste to the...

Tomato Rice Recipe Without Onions

If you are not making Tomato Rice for your office lunch because of shortage of onions, think again. This tasty and easy to make dish can be prepared without onion and garlic too. Try this without onion recipe for Tomato bhath that uses sesame oil ...

No Onion Paneer Bhurji Recipe

Onion is one of the main ingredients in this quick and yummy North Indian dishe, Paneer Bhurji. However, as the prices of onions are high, you can still make the dish without onions, ofcourse you dont want to diminish the taste. So, here is the r...

Paanch Phoron Or 5-Spice Mix Instead Of Onions?

Do you know that in most Bengali, Assamese and Udiya homes, tempering for daal is not done with onions but with this wonder 5-spice mix or 'paanch phoron'? A blend of five spices, it not only enhances the taste of a dish but has many health benefi...

Why Ayurveda Recommends A No-Onion, No-Garlic Diet

If you are sad as onions are vanishing from our dishes, you should take heart that it could be good for you. Do you know that Ayurveda recommends a no onion and garlic diet for optimum health? Read on to know about why Ayurveda prohibits onions an...

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