Tamil Nadu, India’s Beautiful South

Indian Traditional Clothing

Clothing of Tamil Nadu represents the traditional and cultural essence of this south Indian state. Men of this state put on traditional outfits such as Dhoti or Lungi with a shirt and Angavastra. Females beautify themselves in Sari and blouse. The...

The Ancient Architecture Of Tamil Nadu

The Ancient Architecture Of Tamil Nadu. TAMIL NADU- The Land Of Temples

Historical Places Sites In Tamil Nadu

Famous history culture of Tamil nadu.

Tamil Nadu Culture

Tamil Nadu has a prominent position in the cultural map of India. The state has a very good name in the fields of arts, music, literature, etc. Dances like Bharathanatyam, Kollattam, Kummi, Kavadi, Kalakshetra, Karagams, etc. are more popular in t...

Tamil Nadu Culture And Tradition

Tamil Nadu, a state in South India, was ruled by different dynasties in the history and has an extraordinary cultural legacy which has come through and inherited by years. The state has nearly 62 million tamilians who belongs to the most renowned ...

Tamil Nadu Dishes

Regional special recipes, Tamil Nadu dishes

Music And Dance Of Tamil Nadu

Here is a short write up on the music and dances of Tamil Nadu. Read to know more about the folk music and dance forms of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu: Info On Geography, History, Government, Districts, Business, Economy, Travel, Rivers, Education, Food, Arts, Culture, Music, Dance, Festivals

Tamil Nadu state information. Updated with Geography, history, government, economy, travel info, food, festivals, dance & music, art & culture of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Heritage Sites

Information about Heritage Sites, Monuments, Tour Attractions, Travel Destinations and sightseeing Places of Tamilnadu in India

Tamilnadu- Ancient Storehouse Of Wisdom

Ancient Storehouse of Wisdom that is Relevant Today from Tamilnadu

Tamil Language, History And Literature

The land of Tamil speech and people was in ancient times ruled by three famous lines of king, the Chera, Chola, and Pandiya. . The land ruled by them was called Chera Nadu (Chera country), Chola Nadu (Chola country), and Pandiya Nadu (Pandiaya cou...

The Living Culture Of The Tamils

Over the centuries Tamils have spread outside their territory and in this process have planted signs of their presence many of which can be found even today. The Tamil community thus represents a population outside Tamil Nadu also. In their own la...

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Tamil Nadu, India’s Beautiful South

Vishnu PriyaVishnu Priya
Tamil Nadu is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, The culture of Tamil Nadu is a storehouse of Treasures, which attracts tourists.