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Talking To Teens About Responsible Sex


Sex education is often the most important topic that India parents are known to skip around, as the idea of your child’s sexual knowledge, life and health is often awkward. Yes, you might feel awkward and hesitant in talking about sex to your child. However, you need to realise that the approach you take in talking about responsible sex to him will play a huge role in determining his entire attitude towards sex.

According to an article in Psychology Today, “Many parents believe that talking to young people about sex will lead to premature sexual activity; that children will interpret their parents' willingness to talk as permission to become sexually involved. Both beliefs are false.” More and more researches have shown that sex education does not increase sexual activity, but only the lack of it leads to a rise of number of unsafe sex.

Engaging in a conversation with your child about sex is, in fact, the first step towards encouraging him to postpone taking the step. “As the discussion proceeds, help your son grasp the many compelling reasons to postpone sex until the wedding night. Do not be overbearing or obsessive, but do make an effort to cover all the bases in a normal, natural, easy-going fashion,” advises an article in Focus on the Family.

To make sure your child has a healthy, at the same time, responsible attitude towards sex and sexual relationships, flip through this ClipBook for more advises.


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