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Taking Education To The Grassroots

What You Need To Know About 'Lakhon Mein Ek'

Pratham and ASER Centre's Lakhon mein Ek is a call-to-action campaign to impact children in 100,000 communities and villages, by facilitating the provision of necessary learning interventions. From ten years of the Annual Status of Education Repor...

Theme Song Of Our Campaign

Become Lakhon mein Ek!Pratham Education Foundation and ASER Centre launch the Lakhon mein Ek campaign to reach 1 lakh communities by Jan 2016.Check out the official theme song of Lakhon mein EK.

Waheeda Rehman, On Lakhon Mein Ek

The veteran actress has been a huge supporter of Pratham's work in helping children in India learn well. Join her, as she pledges her support for the Lakhon mein Ek campaign.

Rukmini Banerji Explains The Idea

Rukmini Banerji, CEO, Pratham Education Foundation, explains why the time is right to help children in India learn well. Listen to this inspiring video, and join the Lakhon mein Ek campaign today.

"We Hold The Key To A Brighter Future" : Dr Madhav Chavan

Can we improve the status of education? Yes, we can. Now is the time to take responsibility, and together, and help children learn well.Dr. Madhav Chavan, Co-founder, Pratham Education Foundation tells us about Lakhon mein Ek.

"We Are Creating An Army Of Leaders" - Dr Wilima Wadhwa

"Create awareness to change your own community.We are creating an army of leaders"-Dr Wilima Wadhwa, Director- ASER Centre

"Assess To Understand" - Usha Rane

Assess children to understand the problem and take action-Usha Rane, Director, Content and Training, Pratham Education Foundation

Reading Week : Karonja Village, Madhya Pradesh

At the entrance of the village, near the Jain temple, some men were sitting in a group playing cards. We began to ask them about where we n find groups of children. Even before I could complete my sentence, they pointed in the direction of the roa...

Reading Week: Dist. Khordha, Bihar

A meeting of members of office bearers of 7 cluster heads of total 85 Self Help Groups was held in Panchayat office between 3 pm to 5 pm. Bottalama Panchayat has total 9 villages under its jurisdiction. All 21 members (3 representatives from each ...

Reading Week Day 2 In Trilokpuri, East Delhi

In this densely populated area of Delhi more than 70 groups of children are participating in Reading Week – that’s in Trilokpuri alone. This afternoon, the girls’ groups are at work. They go to school in the morning and join their groups for an ho...

Reading Week: Gangwa Village, Hisar

As a part of Lakhon Mein Ek campaign we decided to celebrate reading week in nearly 25,000 villages and communities across India to demonstrate simple activities that can be done by children, parents and neighbours to build children’s foundational...

Reading Week: Anand Parbat Industrial Area, Delhi

It is a bright sunny afternoon after many days of fog. Schools are still shut for the cold weather and the children are enjoying a day out in the sun. There are 3 groups sitting in an open courtyard next to a railway line -- one of 5th graders, an...

Meeting Majiruddin Sahab: Mobilization In Momin Para Of Village Amriti, Malda

‘Being an ex-teacher, I appreciate your effort (Lakhon mein Ek) and I am prepared to support you whole heartedly. The people of this area will also be behind you. Education (primary education) now is a right, which we have to grab’. That was Moham...

The Lakhon Mein Ek Blog: Women Hold Up Half The Sky

As part of the Lakhon mein Ek campaign, I got to visit several communities in Himachal Pradesh and met wonderful women whose stories and willingness to participate in the campaign impressed me. An old Chinese proverb that means, “Women hold up hal...

There Is Hope Everywhere; We Just Need To Look For It

There she sat, shy and quiet, on the last bench. This 17-year-old was in Std XI. I was sitting beside her. As a member of the Lakhon mein Ek campaign in Odisha, I was trying to see if the students in front of me had understood the campaign process...

What Happened In Ban Gaon

One late afternoon, we arrived at 'Ban Gaon', a village 10 km from our training venue in the district headquarters. We first met a group of people playing cards under a tree at the centre place of the village. One of them happened to be sarpanch's...

Identifying Potential Change Makers

Devanshee Shukla shares some inspiring stories about the change makers in Uttarakhand. Read more such stories at ‪#‎LMEDiary‬

Education Is Everyone's Business

Kumaravel is one of the older kids in his colony. Having grown up in Ennorekuppam, a fishing colony on the outskirts of chennai, he dreams of making his way out of there by playing cricket for the big leagues some day.He is the first among the you...

A Day In Village Amriti, Malda

Imran Nadab an energetic young boy no more than 8 years of age, clad in shorts and dirty vests, a catapult dangling from his fingers, is surprised to see us in his neighbourhood. ‘Sir’, he shouts looking at my colleague, Mahaprasad Dutta, one of o...

First Impression Is Not The Last Impression!

In the college where we studied, we didn’t get a good response from the principal for our Lakhon mein Ek campaign, even after meeting him twice. When we told him that we had completed our education in this college, he finally agreed and gave us a ...


Generally there is a notion that people are not ready to work as volunteers, they always ask for monetary support to do any kind of work. Which is not true. I have been working with Pratham since 2008 and have seen how people voluntarily take part...

Lakhon Mein Ek Experience With College Students

Working for Pratham always leads to many enriching experience. The recent Lakhon mein Ek (LME) campaign, likewise, gave me an opportunity to observe the standard of our college education, though that is not the intention of the campaign.

Our Teaching Methodology

Combined Activities for Maximized Learning (CAMaL – meaning wonder) has evolved out of Pratham’s practice of teaching reading, writing, and math with children in disadvantaged communities.Watch this video to understand this pedagogy better!

What Is In The Village Kit?

Watch this video to understand how to use the village kit to support your efforts in improving learning levels of children in your community.

What Is In The Communication Kit?

Watch the video to understand what documents are available for communicating and thereby, mobilising people to join the campaign. Together, let's make a difference.

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A campaign by Pratham & ASER Centre. Together, with citizens, we will work towards improving the status of children's learning in 100,000 communities.

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An NGO dedicated to improving the quality of education and skill development in India #LakhonmeinEk


Lakhon mein Ek is reaching every part of the country. Students from a women's college in Meghalaya have signed up for the campaign. You can also become ‪#‎lakhonmeinek‬

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