Taking Care Of Your Teeth

Proper Techniques For Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is the number one action you can take to ensure a healthy, beautiful smile. Proper brushing takes at least two minutes — that's right, 120 seconds! Most adults do not come close to brushing that long. To get a feel for the time...

Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is an important part of your oral hygiene routine. Here you’ll find tips on the proper technique to brush your teeth.

How Dental Professionals Can Respond To 'Oil Pulling' Patients

Although the literature on oil pulling has increased substantially in western countries in recent years, there is still much confusion among dental professionals about the proper response to a patient who has adopted this alternative therapy. In t...

How To Brush Your Teeth

An instructional video on how to brush your teeth in a proper way.

What Happens When You Don't Brush Your Teeth?

Humans haven't always been avid tooth brushers, so why do we have to do it now? Find out what happens when you don't brush your teeth.

When And How Often Should You Brush Your Teeth?

When should you brush your teeth? Understand how to protect your oral health.

Flossing & Brushing

To have good dental health, you need a mix of personal dental care, and the care of your dentist.

Brush Your Teeth

It's a song about brushing your teeth.

How To Brush Your Teeth: 15 Steps

Brushing your teeth is not just for a whiter smile and fresher breath, it's important for your overall health. When you brush, you remove plaque—a thin film of bacteria that sticks to your teeth and will cause cavities, gum disease, and if you ign...

Teeth Cleaning Guide

Find out how to keep your teeth clean, including advice on toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash.

10 Toothbrush Mistakes - And How To Fix Them

Admit it -- brushing your teeth is so second nature you barely think about it. But doing it right is a key part of good oral health, and it can help you avoid cavities and gum disease. Brush up on your skills with these easy-to-follow tips.

Really? Never Brush Your Teeth Immediately After A Meal

Is there ever a bad time to brush your teeth? Most of us believe that proper dental care means flossing and brushing often — at a minimum, twice daily, as the American Dental Association recommends. Those who are particularly diligent may brush m...

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Taking Care Of Your Teeth

Vishnu PriyaVishnu Priya
A healthy smile can be a great asset and because this is so important, it makes sense to give your teeth the best care possible.