Taj Under Siege By Spiders : Agra

After Insect Attack, Taj Under Siege By Spiders - Times Of India

After an infestation by insects which deposit greenish pigments all over the monument, Taj Mahal's famed gardens are now under attack from hordes of spiders which feed on these insects.

Ngt Issues Notice To Centre, Up Govt, Over Insect Attack On Taj Mahal

The National Green Tribunal sought a reply on Monday from the centre on the rampant dumping of municipal solid waste in Yamuna near the Taj Mahal, which led to stagnation of water in the river and the formation of greenish-black pigments on the ic...

How Insects Are Turning Taj Mahal Green By Pooping On It

Taj Mahal's image of being a sparkling white marble beauty is taking a messy hit. Insects breeding in the severely polluted Yamuna river nearby are swarming to the protected monument and leaving their green excreta all over it. Archaeologists have...

Podcast: The Fault In Our Taj

It took Shah Jahan 17 years to build the iconic Taj Mahal, a mausoleum for his wife Mumtaz, who died during childbirth in 1631. A structure known as the testament of true love for centuries has also been the cause of both pride and controversy in ...

Insect Threatens To Turn The Taj Mahal Green

The Taj Mahal, a grand marble mausoleum completed in 1653, is under threat from a tiny mosquito-like insect. But humans are to blame. India's National Green Tribunal, an environmental court, has issued notices to various governmental bodies warnin...

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Taj Under Siege By Spiders : Agra

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After insect attack, Taj under siege by spiders