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Symptoms You Should Not Ignore In Your Child


Parents are always looking out for their children's health. They are concerned about every cough, sneeze and itch of their child. But, often they may not realise that certain signs may be a warning about a serious health issue.  Many symptoms are often a sign of a hidden illness. 

So what are some of these symptoms? High fever that is persistent, unusual rashes on the skin, vomiting after a fall and severe headaches: these are some warning signs to look out for.     

How do you know these symptoms are risky? How do you know when to take your child to the doctor? Go through this informative ClipBook to know about such symptoms that you should add in your parental radar to look out for in children. 


Excessive Thirst

Polydipsia (excessive thirst) and polyuria (frequent urination) are common and basic symptoms of diabetes. It occurs when the kidney is unable to process the separation of the body glucose. Kids tend to drink a lot of water after physical activity...

Pain In Urination

This is a most common symptom for urinary infection. Untreated infections can lead to kidney problems such as kidney stones. Always consult a doctor immediately.

Unusual Weight Gain

Healthy weight gain is not an overnight process. Children gradually put on weight according to their age. But when your child is gaining unexplained weight over a short period of time may be she or he is showing symptoms of hypothyroidism, edema, ...


Being tired after physical activity, sleep and other activities are understandable. However, prolonged tiredness, after a complete rest is a sign of obstructive sleep, mononucleosis, and even anaemia.

Breathing Problems

Breathing problems can be due to throat infections, lung disorder, or sinus. Any illness on the respiratory passage results in breathing problems for the child. Children are not immune to the viruses that cause it, hence they are easily affected.

Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are often considered as minor infections. They are symptoms of some serious diseases such as chicken pox, eczema, impetigo and many rashes that can continue to adulthood, if not treated immediately.

Vomiting After A Minor Head Injury

Vomiting after a head injury can be the reason for a serious concussion. After a minor head injury if the child experiences nausea and vomiting. it should be considered as symptoms of neurological injury. This leads to a concussion in a few days, ...

Temperature Above 100 Degrees

Fever is always misunderstood to be an illness. The truth is it actually is a symptom of an underlying cause. But when it crosses a 100 degrees you must consult a doctor immediately. It often results in illness like viral infections, malaria, deng...

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