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Sushma Swaraj: Rare Insights Into Her Inspiring Family Life


Sushma Swaraj, who passed away at the age of 67, is considered by many to be the best External Affairs minister till date. With good reason too! From her expertise in handling problems to her tech-savvy skills to her helpful nature, she is single-handedly responsible for restoring a great amount of faith in the public with regards to bureaucracy.

Born in 14 February 1952, a day which is universally celebrated as a day of love the world over, Sushma Swaraj succeeded in spreading a lot of love and cheer. She began her political journey in the early 1970s when she joined the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). She was also a prominent Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh member.

Although, she was known to be a no-nonsense minister, many of her colleagues, including the general public vouch for her warm demeanour. This was evident in the way she rescued many Indian nationals stuck abroad due to issues relating to visa, passport and the like. And, yes, she did reply to all tweets.

But how much do we know about her family? Her husband Swaraj Kaushal was India’s youngest Advocate General at the age of 34. And, he also served as the Governor of Mizoram. Interesting, isn’t it?

To know more her and other members of her family in detail, flip through the pages of this ClipBook.


Sushma Swaraj's Family Tree

A prolific politician who served the country to the best of her ability, Sushma Swaraj was a woman of many qualifications. However, her family members were no less qualified with each shining in his or her chosen field. We take a look.

Swaraj Kaushal: Meet Sushma Swaraj's Husband

Swaraj Kaushal and Sushma Swaraj married in 1975. His achievements were no less compared to his more famous wife. He was India’s youngest Advocate General at the age of 34, and was governor of Mizoram from 1990 to 1993. Currently, he is a senior a...

When Sushma Swaraj Braved Odds To Marry During The Emergency

Not much is known about the fascinating love story of Sushma Swaraj and her husband Swaraj Kaushal. The first met during college and, as fate would have it, as lawyers practising in the Supreme Court. The two got married in the height of Emergency...

Emotional Letter: "Madam, I Am Running Behind You For Last 46 Years"

Swaraj Kaushal doted on his wife. When Sushma Swaraj decided to walk out of her job due to health reasons, her husband had then penned an emotional letter to her with a funny twist. Read the whole letter by clicking on the link.

Bansuri Swaraj: Meet Sushma Swaraj's Daughter

The only child of Sushma Swaraj and Swaraj Kaushal, Bansuri Swaraj graduated from Oxford University. A criminal lawyer, she shares a close bond with both her mother and father.

Witty Sushma Swaraj Quotes

Whether it be helping an Indian in distress abroad, replying to haters or addressing the United nations assembly, Sushma Swaraj was known for her wit and humour. Check out these quotes from a minister with swag.

A Mother, A Supreme Court Lawyer And India’S External Affairs Minister Who Actually Replied To Tweets

Sushma Swaraj is leaving behind a rich legacy of work. Known for her hard work and diligence, she will also be remembered for her tweets. Yes! you heard it right. She imparted a warm and personal touch to her social handle and each and every tweet...

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