Survive A Winter Pregnancy

5 Ways To Survive A Winter Pregnancy

Maybe you thought it would be easier than in the summer, since it isn’t hot out. Eh, not so much. Winter woe #1: You’re dehydrated. It’s not in the 90s, so you’d think dehydration wouldn’t be a biggie right now, but winter air can be really dry — ...

Winter Pregnancy Survival Guide

First-time mom Sasha Emmons was pregnant with her daughter, Chloe, during the brutal winter months in New York City. She was in the latter part of her pregnancy when snow and ice storms hit the city. "We had a lot of snow that winter," she said, "...

10 Ways To Survive A Winter Pregnancy

To make your winter pregnancy as comfortable as possible, we've rounded up these practical tips to stay well and survive when the winter elements get hard.

The Ultimate Pregnancy Winter Survival Guide

For those of us living in the Northern climates winter can be, shall we say, challenging. For those of us who find ourselves pregnant during the winter months it can be down right miserable. Have no fear though. There are some great ways to ensure...

8 Tips To Help You Survive A Winter Pregnancy | Being The Parent

Winter is one of the most anticipated season of the year. While bringing out the sweaters and jackets may suffice for some, pregnant women need to take a few more steps to prepare themselves for the harsh climate. Winters can be a little dauntin...

Fight The Winter Blues During Pregnancy

In Milton, Ontario, Canada, where Janice Smith lives, a February day might reach 5 degrees and darkness sets in well before the workday ends—conditions that trigger Smith’s yearly bout with seasonal affective disorder, aka SAD or winter depression...

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Survive A Winter Pregnancy

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Survive a Winter Pregnancy