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Supermom Kajol


Kajol made her film début in the year 1992. In more than two decades’ time, she has grown to become one of the most celebrated and highest paid actresses in the Indian film industry. Having received six Flimfare awards, she holds the record for most number of Best Actress wins. She has also been conferred with a Padma Shri award by the Indian government. She has acted in several films and is the brand ambassador of numerous brands. But leaving all her professional super-achievements aside, Kajol, is not just a star, but also a star mom.

“Mothering is a learnt skill – most mothers learn on the job and I was also one of them,” she has said, modestly, in a candid interview to Mother & Baby, while talking about the magic of motherhood. Mother of two beautiful kids – Nysa, 14 years and Yug, seven – she holds them dearest and spends as much time as possible with them, even if her calendar is booked and she is super busy. She is a quintessential super mom, and does not let her Bollywood star tag get in the way of what she believes to be her most important role – motherhood.

"I am the God in my family. All mothers are," is another brilliant thing this super mom has said, that connects her with all the other moms in the world. This ClipBook bring you the best of Kajol as a mother; go through it to know more about her amazing parenting styles.


What Kind Of A Parent Is Kajol?

Kajol is one of the celebrity mothers who prefer to be a hands-on parent. We have seen her wonderful acting skills on the silver screen. Now, let us have a look at her lifestyle as a mother of two kids Nysa and Yug.

Kajol's Parenting Style

Kajol, the firebrand actress is the celebrity mother of two adorable kids. Being a mom, Kajol takes her responsibilities very seriously and has her own set of rules. Here's taking a peek into Kajol's parenting style.

Kajol Is A Strict Mommy

Kajol admits that she is a strict mother and she makes sure her children are disciplined. She says her husband Ajay [Devgn] is the one who pampers the kids more. I am the one who has the responsibility of making sure that my kids are disciplined b...

Quick 'Parenting' Questions With Celebrity Mom Kajol

Celebrity mommy Kajol answered a few questions on matters related to parenting at an event conducted by Huggies India event.

It's The Child That Makes The Mother: Kajol

Like any other woman, she struggled with nappies. Motherhood is a journey of learning, actress and Huggies brand ambassador Kajol tells Renu Dhole.

As A Mother, You Never Know If You're Doing It Right: Kajol

As a mother of two, actor Kajol says that the biggest dilemma for any parent is to guess if their style of bringing up their kids is right. With so many methods of parenting coming up today, Kajol says that she often feels that other mothers are d...

It's Educative For Children To Have Working Parents, Says Kajol

I honestly think it’s very educative for children to have working parents, and to have a working mother mostly, because that’s where the influence comes on the girl child, says Kajol.

‘I Believe It's All About The Balancing Act’ – Kajol

Kajol is one of the most loved actresses, also a star wife to actor Ajay Devgn, mum to two kids and a brand ambassador for several kiddy brands. In a candid interview with M&B, the multi-faceted Kajol shares her insights into the magic of motherhood.

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