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Building A 'Healthy' Competitive Spirit

Competition - the word has different meanings for different people, especially parents. While some vouch for its merits and encourage it in their tots and teens, others strongly advocate against it and brand it as detrimental to a child’s developm...

How To Teach Kids The Value Of Hard Work

Prepare your children for the real world and teach them to take pride in themselves through the value of hard work. Read on to know the steps...

Ways To Guide Your Child To Excellence

Parents don’t have anything close to complete control and in most cases should not shoulder all the blame when things don’t turn out well. But parenting does matter. And to the extent that parents can have a serious impact on the goals, strategies...

Teaching Your Kids To Be Honest

Some parents might believe it's in a child's nature to lie and it's the parent's job to punish dishonesty to prevent it from taking over. Here are tips to help your kids learn honesty.

How To Teach Punctuality To Children

Teaching kids to be punctual involves more than just getting them to class on time. Being punctual involves showing respect for others and their time. It helps students present an "I care" attitude that not only helps them succeed in school but al...

Teaching Children How To Be Patient

It is very necessary to help children imbibe patience at an early age so that it helps them in long run. Learning to be patient can help children handle difficult situations arising in life with an ease. Read on to know more about how to teach chi...

Teaching Children The Value Of Respect

Oh, baby, it's a rude world -- which is why it's more important than ever that we teach our kids this classic value. Here are few strategies you can use.

How To Discipline Your Child

When it comes to knowing how to discipline your child, we can focus on three key areas: giving them the positive attention they need and crave, taking time for training, and setting limits and sticking to them.

Teaching Spirituality To Kids

Learn how to teach kids about spirituality, faith, hope and morality, even if you're a religious free agent.

10 Tips For Raising Resilient Kids

Resilient kids are problem solvers. They face unfamiliar or tough situations and strive to find good solutions. When they step into a situation, [resilient kids] have a sense they can figure out what they need to do and can handle what is thrown a...

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