Summer Workshop @ Kanchana Paati

Take A Chance On Chess

Here's why you should introduce your child to the wonders of chess. Get a glimpse at the many benefits of the game, the mind of the chess prodigy, beautiful sets and much more. Take a look!

Why Karate For Kids?

Your child thinks that karate is cool? Not without reason. Here's a look at the many benefits of martial arts for children, how it could boost their confidence and even improve their performance at school!

The Art Of Storytelling

How, exactly, does storytelling benefit children? Here are some possible ways in which this ancient medium has a positive impact. Read on!

What Is Phonetics And Why Does It Matter?

Phonetics is a science that deals with the sounds of human speech. Though we may perceive sounds of a particular language as something simple and mundane, it is much more than that. Learn more about its significance here!

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Summer Workshop @ Kanchana Paati

Kanchanapaati My Grandma's Place - Nunga, Kanchanapaati My Grandma'S Place - NungaKanchanapaati My Grandma's Place - Nunga
Make this summer fun with a range of activities that Kanchanapaati has to offer. Karate, chess, yoga, theatre and a lot more!