Summer Vacation For Kids

How Should Students Spend Summer Vacation?

Public school teachers weigh in on how students should spend their summers. From reading lists to summer assignments, learn about teachers' ideas on how students can enjoy a productive summer...

Spend Summer With Your Kids And Not Lose Your Mind

Summer for my two boys is about as idyllic as it gets. Long, lazy days of riding their bikes around town. Hours spent hanging out in their tree house, trading baseball cards and friendly insults with their best buddies...

Kids Friendly Summer Vacations

o you want to plan a memorable summer getaway this year? If so, break out of your regular vacation routine and surprise your family with a new idea...

Great Ideas For Summer Family Adventures

Must-Try Ideas for Guaranteed Summer Fun..

Summer Vacation Ideas For Families

This summer, chill out with a great vacation getaway that the whole family will enjoy. These kid-friendly summer destination ideas are sure to be a hit with your children, while providing you with some much needed relaxation...

Creative Ways To Spend Your Summer Vacation

Recent research into the topic of happiness suggests the benefits of a vacation kick in long before we’re lying on the beach. Turns out, looking forward to fun is good for us...

Traveling With Kids: Ideas For Your Family Summer Vacation

Any parent knows that going on vacation with kids is a major production. Where do you go and what do you bring? How do you keep the little ones entertained?

Where To Take Your Family Vacation This Summer

This is one of the only times of year conducive to family travel...

Taking The Kids On Summer Vacations You Can Still Book

It's gotta drive you crazy. Neighbors and colleagues are back from vacation tanned and bragging about their adventures with their kids and you haven't managed to get away at all yet...

Kid-Friendly Summer Vacations: Our Top Tropical Picks

What's the secret to a great family vacation? Finding a location that allows everyone to explore and have fun -- at their own pace. A spot where the kids (most likely bursting with energy) can have a blast while you enjoy a relaxing massage and a ...

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Summer Vacation For Kids

Imran KhanImran Khan
This could be a great bonding time for you to with your children. In fact, one of the best ways to spend summer holidays with family