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Summer Skincare Tips For Kids

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Once the weather starts to warm up, kids love spending time outdoors – be it long days filled with swimming, riding on their bicycles or strolling in the park. However, all this also means continuous exposure to the sun for hours during the day and this can have a host of negative impacts on the skin. The sun can be unforgiving to kids considering how vulnerable young and sensitive skin is to the damaging rays of the sun.

According to an article titled How to take care of your child’s skin this summer by Priyanka Parab published in medimanage, some summer skincare tips for kids include:

• Applying sunscreen: Sunscreen has long been the best way to protect skin from the harsh rays of the sun. For children who spend a majority of the time outdoors, it is necessary to keep on re-applying the sunscreen.

• Choose the right soap: During summer, kids should use mild soaps that are made from natural ingredients and one that contains oils of olive, coconut and palm.

• Wear the right type of clothing: One of the most potent methods of protecting a kid’s skin during summer is choosing the right garment. Kids should ideally wear cotton garments and broad brimmed hats to protect themselves from the sun.

In case, kids suffer a sunburn, WebMd suggests placing a cool compress, applying aloe vera and plenty of fluids to soothe the sunburn.

Know more about the various ways to protect a kid’s skin during summer by flipping through the pages of this ClipBook.


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