Summer Kids Fest @ Kinderworld

How To Make Minion Pencil Holders

This tutorial shows you how to make pencil holders out of craft foam and recycled jars. Click and view the video.

Fun Kid Games: Newspaper Running

Here is an interesting game with the newspaper. Click and view..

5 Benefits Of Dance Class For Children

As a dance teacher, I can safely say that dance is a great, fun way to keep your child active! You don’t need some grand vision of your child being a professional performer to start them in dance. Maybe you want your child to experience somethin...

Kids Yoga Class

Fun yoga videos for kids aged 3+ - free 15-minute adventures to build strength, balance and confidence. Healthy interactive stories with simple lessons.

8 Benefits Of Yoga For Kids

Yoga has become quite mainstream for adults in recent years, but have we ever considered sharing the practice with our children? Yoga can benefit kids significantly, and in some ways, possibly even more so than it nourishes adults. Here are just s...

How To Have Better Handwriting: Improving Your Handwriting

You've been writing since you were a little kid. It started with scribbles and crayons and now it's pens, pencils, and cursive with all those swooping, swirling letters. Some kids love handwriting and others hate when it's time to put pencil to pa...

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Summer Kids Fest @ Kinderworld

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