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Summer Dessert Recipes For Kids


It is the time of the year when the scorching sun saps our children's energy and they need some cooling drinks and desserts to keep them going, for all the outdoor play during the vacations. But shop-bought ice-creams and fruit shakes mean loads of sugar and unhealthy ingredients. 

The summer fruits lend themselves to some amazing desserts that you can try at home, which children can safely eat and which are good for them. From berry and mango popsicles to caramel and pasion fruit treats, this ClipBook introduces you to a varied collection of summer desserts. Try them all!    


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Refreshing Summer Desserts

Summer is a time to indulge the children with juicy and fruit-based desserts and drinks that will keep them hydrated all day long. From lychee and rosewater ice-cream to roast pineapple and mint-choco ice, here is a great collection.

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