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Suicide Prevention: Tips For Kids And Teens

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Every day, life throws many challenges at children. While some children can cope with them, others are unable to handle the pressure. They become depressed and lonely, and some of them take the extreme measure of suicide.

It can be difficult for parents to always know what is going on in the mind of their child. Awareness about the risk factors is important to prevent suicides amongst children.

Flip through the ClipBook to know tips to prevent suicide in teens and kids.


A Parent's Guide To Helping A Child In Distress

It is important to remember that children look to their parents to make them feel safe. This is true no matter what age your child is – toddler, adolescent or even a young adult. It’s important that you talk to him about your concerns in a calm an...

Warning Signs Of Suicide In Children And Teens

Many teen suicides can be prevented if warning signs are detected early and appropriate intervention is conducted. How do you identify these signs?

Suicide Prevention: Tips For Parents

It's important to learn about the factors that can put a teen at risk for suicide. Parents can help prevent suicide by recognising warning signs, identifying risk factors and promoting protective factors. They should know how to talk to their chil...

Tips For Talking To Kids About Suicide

Experts from Children’s Hospital Colorado say a healthy conversation can help correct misunderstandings and make the child feel secure. Talking can also help teens emotionally prepare themselves to confront tough subjects on their own. Read this a...

Positive Coping Skills And Suicide Prevention

Teaching your child to manage stress and coping skills is a critical component of parenting and helping adolescents combat suicidal thoughts, or worse, suicide attempts.

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