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Sugar Rush In Children: Myth Or Fact?


Kids love everything sweet. From sugar candies to chocolate, everything they eat is full of sugar. But how much sugar should your child consume? Can excessive consumption of sugar pose danger to your child's health and development?

Chocolate is the favorite pass time of children and no quantity is too much for them. But as a parent it is your responsibility to check if your child isn't taking an excess dose of sugar in any form which can cause harm to his health. What also needs to be understood is that these candies can also develop behavioral changes like hyperactivity, addiction and a decline in cognitive ability. But it still needs to be determined to what extent does sugar affects your child's brain and his growth.

Artificial sugars are known for inducing agitation, hyperactivity and lack of control. This is caused by increased glucose levels in blood which needs to be absorbed by body through physical activity, or results in behavioral changes. Consuming natural sugar over artificial one is suggested, as it is easier to break and utilize in the body. Limiting your child's sugar intake is your responsibility as long-term consumption of sugar can result in lack of control and poor sensory coordination.

According to yalescientific.org, " Dr. Eugene Arnold from Ohio State University reported that more sugar leads to the production of more insulin, which depresses neutral amino acids in the blood, such as phenylalanine and tyrosine. Those particular amino acids are important because they are precursors to dopamine and norepinephrine, both of which play a large role in ADHD when their levels are too low.”

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